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Thale Noi Waterfowl Reserve
Thale Noi Waterfowl Reserve
Phatthalung Province in southern Thailand is a land of many attractions, an area of great natural beauty, important religious and historical sites, and charming fishing villages. Phatthalung has been closely linked to Songkhla Province, particularly in terms of geography, history and migratory settlements.

During the Sri Vijaya period (13th-14th Buddhist century), the Phatthalung community received Indian cultural influence in the way of Mahayana Buddhism. In the reign of King Ramathibodi I (U Thong) of Ayutthaya, Phatthalung became one of twelve royal cities. Later during the reign of King Rama I in the Rattanakosin period, the king had the Ministry of Defense oversee Phatthalung, upgraded it to secondary city status and moved it to the mouth of Pam River. When there was an administration reform in the reign of King Rama V, Phatthalung prefecture came under Nakhon Si Thammarat prefecture until 1924, when King Rama VI relocated the city to Tambon Khuha Sawan where it has been ever since. Upon the abolition of the prefecture system in 1933, Phatthalung became a province outright. Phatthalung city is situated on the west bank of Songkhla Lake, about 846 km from Bangkok. It has an area of 3,424.473 sq km and is divided into 10 districts and 1 subdistrict, as follows: Muang Phatthalung, Khuan Khanun, Pak Phayun, Kongra, Tamot, Khao Chai Son, Pa Bon, Bang Kaeo, Si Banphot, Pa Phayom, and the subdistrict of Si Nakharin.
North : Chauat in Nakhon Si Thammarat and Ranot in Songkhla
South : Rattaphum and Khuan Niang in Songkhla and Khuan Kalong in Satun
East : Songkhla Lake, Ranot, Krasae Sin, Sathing Phra, and Singhanakhon in Songkhla
West : Nakhon Si Thammarat (Banthat) mountain range, Huai Yot, Muang Trang, Na Yong, Yan Ta Khao, and Palian in Trang
Distances to Other Provinces
Trang 56 km Songkhla 121 km
Nakhon Si Thammarat 99 km Satun 134 km

Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Si Nakharin 16 km Tamot 39 km
Khuan Khanun 17 km Bang Kaeo 40 km
Khao Chai Son 28 km Kong Ra 40 km
Si Banphot 35 km Pa Bon 50 km
Pa Si Pa Phayom 38 km Pak Phayun 66 km
Festivals & Events
Long Rua-Lae Nok Thale Noi Festival
When: Febuary - March
Where: Thale Noi at Amphoe Khuan Khanun
Long Rua-Lae Nok Thale Noi Festival was first held in 1998 as a special activity to mark the Amazing Thailand project and promote the most important tourist destination of Phatthalung. The festival consists of eco-tourism activities lasting 1 month (14 February-15 March) when there are plenty of birds and Thale Noi is at its most beautiful. The festival takes place in the Thale Noi Non-hunting area. Daily activities include boating on long-tailed boats to observe flora and fauna, local performances, agricultural produce for sale, demonstrations of native life, and an assortment of local products for sale.
Phon Lak Phra Festival
When: October
Where: in front of Muang Phatthalung Municipal Office
Phon Lak Phra Festival
Phon Lak Phra Festival
Phon Lak Phra Festival is the most important festival of the province. This popular Buddhist tradition is held at the end of the Buddhist Lent when people have a Buddha image procession by land or water. Phatthalung normally has a land procession accompanied by drums to give the procession a good rhythm. When a procession from one temple passes another temple, the procession participants will challenge the temple people to come out and see who can beat drums to give the best rhythm. This tradition has evolved to become a grand festival of Phatthalung. It is held every October. Processions will go take Buddha images throughout Phatthalung city. The festival is held at Phatthalung Provincial Stadium and Saen Suk Lam Pam beach in Amphoe Muang. Activities of the festival include drum competitions of temples in the province, dramatic arts, boat procession contest, folk plays, religious ceremonies, water sports on Lam Pam Lake such as boat races and water boxing, exhibitions, and arts and culture demonstrations of Phatthalung and nearby provinces like reed mat making and coconut shell products.